Chad + Anna

are taking it to

the next level!

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The Story

Chad and Anna met online (believe it or not) via Craigslist. Chad was selling a blender, Anna was buying a blender . . . You know how the story goes. *nudge nudge, wink wink*

In all seriousness, Chad had posted on Craigslist on Strictly Platonic looking for a friend. Anna went to Strictly Platonic looking for a friend and his post caught her eye. They spent a few weeks emailing, which lead to texting, before agreeing to meet in person.

Their first encounter was at a bar called 1839 Taphouse, and when Anna showed up, Chad was drinking a cider, so Anna ordered a stout. They then spent the next seven hours talking, laughing, sharing stories and taking their now favorite shot, the Tequila Pickleback. (Shot of tequila chased with a shot of pickle juice. It's like the tequila never happened.)

At the end of the night it was clear to both of them that this was the start of a wonderful friendship. Eventually - three days later - friendship was replced with flirting and here we are now.

Chad and Anna have always had a lot in common, including tech and programming. It's no surprise that six months into their relationship together, they decided to start their own business. Tin Can Technologies was born out of a brainstorming session, and Anna quickly made a logo and a placeholder website.

Both started to work for Tin Can Technologies/themselves in September and haven't looked back since. Their company has had a multitude of employees (one of which has stayed around), and has kept them more busy than they'd like at times.

Being a startup, Chad and Anna enjoy attending the local Startup Weekend events whenever they come around. This has produced two fun ideas: The Wandering Turtle and MO Wine Trails, both of which they plan to work on at a later date.

Are you still reading this? Really? I mean . . . wall of text alert guys! This is boring. Go do something productive with your time. No? You insist on still reading? Fine.

After Anna met the wonderful kiddos, Chad and Anna decided to move in together. It was not long after they shared a home, that a wonderful surprised popped into their lives. Olive decided to join the clan in July of 2015 and make their home a little cozier. Over the next year as Olive grew, it became more apparent how important time was as a family.

So Chad and Anna bought a house in Moberly to spend more of that important time as a family. More time for soccer and baseball - gymnastics and video games. (Lots of video games.) More time for movie nights, walks, and giggles when Olive makes a funny.

Having always done everything in the correct order - meet, start a business, have a baby, buy a house - the next step was obvious. Which is why they waited a bit to get engaged.

Chad picked out the perfect ring - a simple brushed band with a little bling - and the even more perfect box. (If you haven't seen the photo, it looks like the question mark box from Mario! Could it be a more perfect choice?!) Then he just needed to execute the perfect plan. With many to choose from, he never got the chance to execute them.

As a side note, Anna's favorite of Chad's options was his plan to break her code at night so that in the morning when she goes to work, it would throw an error and send her to a newly made error page that would ask her to marry him. She would whip around to find him there with the box, waiting expectantly.

In reality, on their way home from dinner one evening Chad found himself being poked by Preston and Elizabeth for not having asked Anna to marry him yet - fully unaware of his looming intentions. Once home, the kids and Anna sat at the dining room table playing on their DS's, when Chad appeared at Anna's side on one knee and proposed. Anna - assuming he was joking - asked about a hundred times if he was serious before squeaking out an "Of course!"

So here we are. Doing that whole getting married thing.

The Bride's People

Guys. I have awesome people that are willing to be like "Yes. I'll be your friend for the day of your wedding." If you're inclined, you can learn a bit more about them/why I enjoy them below.

Meg Sterchi

Anna and Meg met their freshman year of college after pledging the same sorority. Within the first hour of knowing each other, Meg's awesome dance moves and hilariousness quickly won Anna over and they became friends for life.

Anna Meyer

Anna and Anna have the same name, which is kind of cool. They lived in the same dorm their freshman year, and happened to walk to and from the same sorority frequently, which sparked their awesome friendship. They eventually became roommates, and enjoyed being confused often.

Emily Zimmermann Gilstrap

When Anna (the one getting married) was bloated bigger than a whale and about ready to drop a baby from her body, Emily moved in next door. The two had incredible amounts of things in common, which lead to staying in touch regardless of who moved where.

Natasha Doerr Kaupanger-Swacker

Natasha is Anna's one and only sister-in-law (lucky Keefe!). Anna has always loved Natasha's compassion, drive and incredibly sweet nature, and soaks up every second they get to see each other. Not to mention Natasha is the best Aunt ever. Ever.

Elizabeth Haney

Elizabeth (and Preston) are the real reason Anna is marrying Chad. (Just kidding . . . probably.) Elizabeth is Chad's incredibly smart and awesome daughter. Anna loves spending time doing anything and everything with Elizabeth because Elizabeth is awesome.

Adelaide Becking

Adelaide and Anna decided to be sisters when they lived next door to each other in 2008. Though they don't see as much of each other now that Adelaide is almost a high-schooler, Anna loves Adelaides creativity and the way she abbreviates words.

Klara Kaupanger-Swacker

Klara is Anna's niece and an all around amazing young person. Anna loves talking about games (card, video or board) with Klara, and seeing all of the awesomely creative things Klara comes up with.

The Groom's People

A guy's gotta have his guys, and these are the only ones that signed up. But in all seriousness, there are no better guys on the planet to stand around awkwardly with.

Shawn Twenter

If Chad had a brother, it'd be Shawn. Shawn and Chad met while working for Orscheln, and noticed immediately how eerily similar they are; they're both developers and super awkward at first. Though they've both left Orscheln, they have managed to try to keep in contact irregularly.

Austin Gardner

Chad realized he didn't have many other friends, so he hired one. Austin has been working for Tin Can Technologies for almost two years, and has learned to laugh at all of Chad's jokes so as to appease him. Austin has become a good friend of the couple's because he had to.

Will Gilstrap

Right as Chad was moving out, a scruffy fellow and his wife moved in next door. Luckily, it was Will and not that other guy. Will and Chad no longer live in the same state, but manage to keep in touch via text every once in a while.

Preston Haney

Preston is Chad's favorite son. The duo enjoy doing all sorts of things together; from looking at cars to troubleshooting Preston's computer problems, they always seem to enjoy themselves. Preston takes after his dad with his sarcastic sense of humor that we all totally love.


Our celebration will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn Conference Center in Columbia, Missouri. There is a ton of parking in front of the building, and we'll have a darn good time inside. Throw the address into your phone or GPS (if you have one of those) and head on over!

Hilton Garden Inn
3200 Vandiver Road
Columbia, MO


The Hilton Garden Inn has reserved a block of rooms for guests of our wedding. To book, just give them a call and mention that you are with the Swacker/Haney wedding. They'll hook you up.

(573) 814-5464

Registry & Gifts

We would be thrilled with just your presence at our wonderful day. However, if you wish to gift us something, we are not registered anywhere.

Since this is not the beginning of our life together, but mearly a new chapter, there is not much in the way of things we need. If you have a gift or item you'd like to give us, we'd be thrilled to have it. Otherwise, we would gladly take monetary donations to help renovate our house, take a honeymoon, and enjoy our lives as a family.



Please dress in whatever you feel comfortable in. Jeans, ball gown, banana suit - doesn't matter to us as long as you're comfortable.


This will take place during the celebration at somepoint whenever the officiant has had enough to drink. (Just kidding mom, Austin will be sober - ish.) All we ask is that when we ask you to be quiet for five minutes while we get married, be quiet for five minutes while we get married, laugh where appropriate and if you're going to cry, make sure to have a hanky handy.


We will provide beer (Bud Light and Logboat's Shiphead) for all guests over 21. Each guest over 21 will also be provided two drink tickets for anything else. After that, you're on your own with a cash bar!

The Aftermath

If you are of legal drinking age and would like to accompany the newlyweds after the celebration, we will be bar hopping downtown. Join us!